Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design of a Recreational Centre

Clementi has an aging population, with more elderly people.
Target audience: Elderly people

Recreation centre:
-Table tennis tables
-Mahjong tables
-Gym(treadmills, bicycles which cannot move)
-Board games like chess, more towards traditional or olden games
-Provide classes such as sewing, knitting, etc. For them to pass time
-Television in area with many benches and tables for them to chat
-Rooftop garden(gardening)
-Function room for activities and classes
-Food stalls

Attracting people:
Provide elderly care such as when the other people in the house leaves for their activities, the elderly people can go there to pass their time, and maybe make some friends with the people there.

Architectural design:
-Dome shape, with a flat top, round base
-Lifts for elderly
-Automatic doors
-Reception desk
-Handicapped toilets
-Different floors are of different sizes

1st Floor:
2nd Floor:
3rd Floor:
4th Floor:

Done by Qi Ren, Jeremy, Matthew, Hakeem

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